completely web-based, intuitive to use, transparent

D e s i g n     K o n z e p t

ATLAS ECM has the approach to provide all of the content on an internal portal with a unified browser-based user interface. ATLAS ECM manages all applications using the Browser and without cost-intensive installations. The operating costs remain constant independent from the number of the users and locations. ATLAS ECM requires only the absolutely necessary user input and automates business processes. The functions of the applications, such as load and save, are avail-able unchanged. ATLAS ECM is easy to learn and fast to use.

D a t a    o w n e r s h i p

    The content is the property of the customer. ATLAS ECM guarantees that
    the storage of the content is always traceable.

  • To manage content efficiently, a database is required. File names,
    file properties and references of files are stored and managed in the database.

  • Names of existing files and directories remain unchanged and are stored unencrypted
    in the database. The data model of the ATLAS database is clear and understandable.

  • The customer knows how the files are named, stored and referenced.

S t a n d a r d s / N o r m e n

  • Server: ASP application on the basis of Internet Information Server
    Client: Internet Explorer plus AtlasClientHelper to control the authoring systems

    ATLAS is based on standards of the W3 Consortium like XML and XSL,
    as well as DIN and ISO standards for document management.

    Programming language: C++, Java Script

  • Programmiersprache: C++, Java Script

D a t e n b a n k     u n d     A r c h i v e

    Meta data: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and 2012

    User data: Central archive. ECM rights are applied to the files.
    Optional: personal archive.

    Multiple archives can be managed.

S c h n i t t s t e l l e n

    Office, Outlook, PDF und TIFF. AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidWorks.
    CATIA and NX are implemented as client projects.

  • Additional applications can be added by the administrator.

  • SAP and other ERP systems

I n f r a s t r u c t u r e

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