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Document management solution with social collaboration and mobile capabilities

I B M    F I L E N E T    C O N T E N T    M A N A G E R

Document management solution with social collaboration and mobile capabilities Document management with IBM® FileNet® Content Manager helps you meet the growing challenge of managing enterprise content with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. FileNet Content Manager is a document management engine that combines enterprise content, security and storage features with ready-to-use workflow and process management capabilities. FileNet Content Manager features include: A single repository for enterprise content to provide centralized access and better control. Document management services and application development support to streamline content management and delivery. Delivery of active content in motion for improved business value and reduced costs. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office to help increase productivity. Social collaboration and mobile computing support to use the latest technologies in your enterprise content management (ECM) environment.

Management of all kinds of content

Increase the value of your ECM platform investment
with enhanced capabilities that put your content in motion

I B M    C O N T E N T    M A N A G E R    E N T E R P R I S E    E D I T I O N

IBM® Content Manager Enterprise Edition software is a scalable enterprise content management (ECM) solution that helps you manage all types of content, such as document images, electronic office documents, XML, audio and video for multiple platforms. Content Manager Enterprise Edition helps accelerate business processes and provides the foundation for an agile ECM framework. Content Manager Enterprise Edition helps organizations manage digital information for optimum flexibility and impact with these benefits: On-demand access to information—helps accelerate your business processes virtually anytime, anywhere. Document management capabilities—make it easy to manage compliance records and content creation projects. Embedded workflow features—help simplify business processes, improving efficiency. The scalable, secure, multi-tiered, distributed architecture—provides the foundation of an agile ECM framework.

Managing Operations

Case management that unites content, processes and people for better outcomes

I B M    C A S E    M A N A G E R

IBM® Case Manager is a platform for designing and deploying solutions that help people gather the right content, apply analytics for faster, more accurate decisions, and take action to assure better business outcomes. With IBM Case Manager, organizations bring focus to the chaos of content – both structured and unstructured - whether on premises or in the cloud, in the office or in the field with mobile devices. Decision-makers in all industries work smarter with IBM's award-winning Advanced Case Management (ACM) offering, which encompasses documents, data, social media, video, audio, images and GPS data. It provides flexible workflow controls, access to powerful analytics and dashboards, collaboration tools for internal and external workers, and complete audit tracking for compliance with industry regulations. If you’re looking for pre-built accelerators for specific industry use cases, IBM’s broad ecosystem of business partners provides an array of solutions for Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Government and many other industries.

The Case Manager gives workers the control and insight they need to work faster and more effectively Provides real-time access to documents, structured data, unstructured data like video and social media and more filtered to provide a 360 degree view of the case Agile design capabilities built for Business Users to help reduce time to market and enable rapid application updates Extends IBM’s single interface design with tight integration to capture, analytics, governance, mobile connectivity, cloud deployments and non-IBM repositories through CMIS Supports a growing portfolio of Industry-specific Solutions built by IBM and an advanced network of IBM ECM Business Partners Available Case Manager Mobile App provides mobile case workers with the flexibility to surface the right content and action in order to make the right decisions, wherever they are.

Working together on Documents

Everywhere and synchron

I B M    S A M E T I M E    E N T R Y  

  • working together on documents and other objects
  • online communication within workgroups
  • information about available online participant
  • direct exchange of text messages
  • deployment of applications
  • audio or video communication

  • Finding answers in data

    With IBM Watson your data find a solution

    I B M    W A T S O N    C O N T E N T    A N A L Y T I C S    limited Version

    Contact your Customers just as you imagine!
    You can configure an infographic or a dashboard that tells your story. Therefore are numerous templates available to be filled only with your ideas.

    Use data more efficient:
    Many analyzes have often a different format, which makes it difficult to read the data. Watson Analytics Ensures a synchronized output of your data, whether in planning, summary or in research.

    If you integrate your data or connect to a data source, you can even ask questions to obtain information . Derive measures from your findings: If you formulate a target based on your data, look at the factors with the greatest impact.

    So you can decide!

    Use reliable data with Analytics : Data for analysis often have very different formats . Watson Analytics ensures that they are synchronized , whether in research , the prediction or the compilation.

    Receive extensive knowledge

    Use your content as best as possible

    I B M    C O G N O S    R E A L  T I M E   M O N I T O R I N G    limited Version

    Optimize the way , how to work with business content.
    By collecting, analysis and using the content you can take the better measures.

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